On Oct. 15 when there was the National Assembly Administration and Security committee inspection on the Jeju Island government at the Island government hall, many people including village elders gathered in its yard to show their determination against the naval base project and to demand the Assembly thorough inspection on the Island government and revocation of the Jeju naval base project, from 9am to 5pm. Beside anti-base groups, there was also protest by a pro-base group in much small numbers. No physical conflict between them. Still the Island government bullying on the anti-base group people, did not even allow them to put a banner on the ground of yard in the beginning. However, people persisted to carry on peaceful 300 bows there. Picketing, songs, dances, and grafting went all day.

The below is an excerpt translation of people’s press conference statement read in front of the Jeju Island government hall  upon the start of the National Assembly inspection on the Jeju Island government on Oct. 15.  Original Korean statement can be seen here.


Photo by Cho Sung-Bong

[People’s press conference statement on Oct. 15] ‘CNFK intervention, false civilian-military dual complex harbor, human rights violation: Revoke the Jeju naval base project that destroys the future of the Jeju!’


Since the Gangjeong village has been decided as the Jeju naval base project-targeted area five years six months ago, the ROK navy is enforcing construction (destruction) inputting project cost of more than 200 billion won.  [..]


Two biggest issues have been disclosed in the National Assembly inspection on the government offices this time.


The one is on a clear proof that the US military has intervened in the Jeju naval base construction. As seen in the construction specifications, the CNFK (Commander of the US Navy Forces, Korea) has demanded [the ROK navy] a base design in which [US] nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and nuclear-powered submarine can enter. (*See here or here)


Not to mention that the construction cost is added with about 150 billion won due to dredging and mooring facility to fit the water depth for nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and nuclear submarine, we reconfirmed the will of the United States that wants to aggressively intervene in the conflict on the maritime order in the Northeast Asia. Our concern that the Jeju Island would be the scapegoat of the supremacy competition between China and the United States turned out to be more and more realistic.


The other point is that it has come in evidence with that the Government has glossed over as if it would build a beautiful tourism port while it builds the port, in fact, only as a military port.


Scandal is being raised with the public exposure of the meeting minutes by the technical verification committee under the Prime Minister Office, in which even a government officer’s self-scorning remark was even made public, that ‘the [government] has [originally] made the base design as a military port then is to forcibly put cruises, that is why [the committee cannot prove that that cruise works in the projected base through its simulation test]. Still the remarks by the government side that intends to enforce construction by all means without the change of base design flowed in the meeting minutes. Further it turned out that the government has enforced only construction (destruction), glossing over as if the simulation report that is not the government official but has been done by the ROK Maritime University to which the Samsung C & T has privately requested and that was done even before the formation of the technical verification committee is the report that is considered of all of the claims by the Jeju Island government (* which has constantly demanded to the central government on the Jeju civilian-military complex tour beauty where two 150,000 ton cruises are supposedly to enter, The people not only oppose the idea but think it is a nonsense) [..]


Even though the navy has stated that it would use the southern sea and large size maritime shooting range nearby the Chuja Island as a shooting training by maneuvering flotilla, the maritime and fisheries bureau of the Jeju Island government is not raising any inquiry on it. The arms that are used by maneuvering flotilla have much different quality level from the machine gun–level arms that are currently used by the Jeju Defense Headquarter. Also, what will happen in the maritime ecology of that areas called ‘golden fish bank’ in case there are torpedo and anti submarine bomb training not to mention naval bombardment training in that maritime shooting training?  [..]


Also the air force is openly stating that it would drive for search and rescue air force base with the development of the new Jeju airport. [..]


Woo Keun-Min, the Island governor should have no more fantasy on the local development with the naval base construction that has been full of expedient method, law-evasiveness and illegality. [..]


The navy should not extort the sacrifice of the Jeju Island people with its concession project under the mask of so called security. It should return back to its duty for true security placing the management on the southern sea transportation route and Ieodo (Rock not island) water area to the coast guard, the proper group for such duty.


Oct. 15, 2012


The Gangjeong village Association

The Jeju Pan-Island Committee for Sop of Military Base and for Realization of Peace Island

The National Network of Korean Civil Society for Opposing to the Naval Base in Jeju Island






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