[ Video on April 20, 2012] The navy guarantees its own fraud of the Jeju naval base project

Go Gwon-Il, Chairman of the Villagers’ Committee to Stop the Naval Base explains how the navy has distorted the base layout to enforce the project, by showing maps in the navy’s investigation and test report (Jan 2010) on the matters of ship transportation and mooring safety. The below is the summary translation of the video.

Video by Dungree

Youtube ( Source: Click here )


1. With a drawn circle of 2km radius from the center of the naval base project area (so called Beautiful tourism port for mixed civilian-military use or Civilian-Military Complex Port for Tour Beauty), the navy cannot avoid to include the UNESCO Bio-sphere Reserve and buffer zones in its base project area.

However, the navy, being aware of such reality, has made a shortcut of setting up environmental impact area around the project, in rectangular not circle.

More ridiculous thing is that the navy, finding that the rectangular form still includes those zones, distorted the square again to a bashed one, only to be looked as if the base would not affect those zones.


2. In the harbor and bay layout (time code, around 1:44), cruise and aircraft carrier are shown to moor in a same dock, which brings only laugh. Further in case of cruise–docking, the ships moored inner side of dock go through difficulty in entry and exit of port, are in need of skillful naval shipbuilding, and are even recommended to use another dock.

It means the cruise should not enter the dock when military vessels already moor. By the propensity of defense facility, there could be no civilian-military dual use port in the world. That is why the navy cannot but conduct such series of frauds in enforcing the project.


3. In the table on the subjective navigation difficulty degree (time code, around 2:50), which ranges from the easiest to the most difficult, the entry & exit of big military vessels are evaluated ‘difficult,’ or ‘very difficult.’ What a waste of tax! It could be interpreted that the navy wants to warn cruise that are bigger than military vessels not to enter such dual use harbor.


Mr. Go Gwon-Il says ( time code, around 3:30)

“The navy sends the villagers in favor of naval base in travel abroad; cheats them as if it would give them with tremendous compensation fee; and makes villagers estrange within themselves. The naval base project is being irrationally driven despite violation of law on cultural assets and of environmental impact assessment, and layout flaws. The project would only profit Samsung and Daelim.”


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