Kim Ji Yoon

Photo: Yonhap News/ Photo: Kim Ji-Yoon, in the center, in blue shirt.
Press conference against the charge of her, July 5, 2012

Summary translation of the Yonhap news, Jan. 5, 2013

On Jan. 5, the criminal case department of the West district of Seoul Prosecutors’ Office made a decision of non-prosecution on Kim Ji-Yoon (29), a proportional representative of young people of the United Progressive Party. Kim has been charged of damage on the honor of the navy with her expression‍ of the ‘pirate base,’ regarding the Jeju naval base project.

The person in the Prosecutors’ office said her expression‍ is merely a subjective eval‍uation so cannot be acknowledged as crime. For the charge of the crime of damage on honor to be established, concrete facts should be stipulated. The prosecutor said.

The prosecutor also said that the charge of the insult on the navy cannot be acknowledged as an insult to the whole group of the navy. He also said that another reason of non-prosecution is the cancellation of charge last December by the navy-reserving groups who originally charged Kim.

Kim has posted in her tweeter last March that reads, “I oppose the Jeju pirate base. Let’s save the Gangjeong village and Gurembi Rock)

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