The below is a translation of the Korean statement on April 1. See here.

To see the programs of events during the remembering period of the Jeju 4.3 uprising, see here.


Campaign image made by 3 organizations upon the 65th anniversary of 4.3. The signs read: ‘Flower for peace instead gun and sword, now…’ ‘Succession of the Jeju 4.3 uprising spirit! Revocation of the Jeju naval base project!’ and ‘Yes, ‘True Peace.’ Now!’


People’s joint statement on April 1


For the succession of the Jeju 4.3 uprising spirit:

“We will build a peace barricade in the Gangjeong village.”


The coming April 3rd is a day when the painful memory of the Jeju is revived.

First of all, we express our hearts to cherish the memory of numerous lives that have fallen down without names in Jeju 65 years ago.

The Jeju 4·3 is a history of uprising against wrong power.

Now the history of 4·3 should be transformed into a new history for human rights and peace.

However, upon the 65th anniversary of 4·3, it is questionable whether true peace is sprouting in the Korean society. The recent political situation surrounding the Korean peninsula has not been transformed into the era of Peace. The situation is running up into confrontation phase for the word of ‘war’ as to being spoken in everybody’s lips.

Gangjeong is already 4▪3.

By wrong state power, even basic democracy has been violated. .

Under the pretense of so called ‘national security,’ numerous peace has been broken and beaten.

As if it is not enough that more than 600 Gangjeong villagers and peace activists are dealt as if they are ‘criminals,’ [the state power] is barring people’s just struggle with ‘bombs of fines.”

True peace should be blossomed by peaceful methods.

To save peace with guns and swords is ultimately to destroy peace.

We resolutely oppose that [the state power] builds a military stronghold not the peace stronghold zone and that [the Jeju] become a powder magazine of the northeast Asia.

We urge to Park Geun-Hye government.

We strongly oppose the solo play and self-righteousness of the Park Geun-Hye government who only repeats its position that it would complete the Jeju naval base in a suitable time while it lays aside its tasks on the settlements on conflicts.

What is needed in Jeju is ‘the peace as it is now,’ not ‘the 2nd Hawai’i’ that the government of Park Geun-Hye promotes.

Please stop the naval base construction in Gangjeong if you think of true peace.

You should stop the wrong naval base construction if you concern about residents’ conflicts and are to truly settle conflicts.

We urge to the Island governor, Woo Keun-Min.

You, Woo Keun-Min Island governor has said that you would wipe off the Gangjeong villagers’ tears upon your being elected as an Island governor. .


However, Woo Keun-Min Island governor could not stop the Gangjeong villagers’ tears by now.

Not to mention siding with the Gangjeong villagers, he became to side with various illegality, shortcut method, and law-evasiveness that have occurred during the Jeju naval base construction. He should be clearly aware that he is making the villagers bleed with bloody tears.

Woo Keun-Min, the Island governor, should actively step for the stop of the Jeju naval base construction if he properly thinks of the future of the Jeju, now.


We appeal to the citizens.

The struggle against the naval base in Gangjeong is not finished yet. The cry for peace will not stop.

The Jeju naval base construction is not the end and it is merely a start of the militarization of the Jeju Island that would be extended into air force base and supply bases.

We will start the practical camapign for peace to revive the Jeju as the Island of Peace and herb of Peace, not as the Island for the cold war, confrontation, and war-preparation.

The Gangjeong villagers, civic society groups, and peace and human rights activists will resist and take solidarity to stop the Jeju naval base construction.

We will also gather our power and wisdom with the Gangjeong villagers and Jeju Island people so that the Gangjeong village can be transformed into the village of Life and Peace not into the powder magazine that threatens the Peace of the northeast Asia.

The various social fields will make effort for the Gangjeong village to be the stronghold of the peace movement by building barricade of peace in the Gangjeong village

As it is the cry of the not-succumbing history 65 years, we will make solidarity to the end.

Please be with us.


April 1, 2013


Gangjeong Village Association

Jeju pan-Island Committee for the Stop of Military Base and for the Realization of Peace Island

The National Network of Korean Civil Society for Opposing to the Naval Base in Jeju Island



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