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Image source: the National Network of Korean Civil Society for Opposing to the Naval Base/ People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD)


Yes, ‘A True Peace’ Now!

: A spiritual success upon the 65th anniversary of the Jeju 4.3 uprising!

A Joint Action for the realization of peace

: 4.3  Peace Week: From April 1 to 6, 2013


4.3 Joint events program

April 1 (Mon) 20:00 pm Screening of ‘Jeju Prayer (Binyom)’ in Gangjeong, Village Community Hall

April 3 (Wed) 19:30 pm “You, Gangjeong_Writers Fall in Love with Jeju,”: Peace Book concert, 10th Fl. Jeju Venture Maru, (1176-67 Ido-2 dong, Jeju City, Jeju Island (Or 217 Joongang-no, Jeju City))

April 4 (Thurs) Watching Jiseul with the Gangjeong villagers, Lotte Cinema, Seogwipo City (914 Beophwan-dong  Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do)

April 5 (Fri) 18:30 pm “Gangjeong is the 4.3” Poet Kim Kyung-Hoon’s 4.3 Book concert, Small Theater, Jeju Culture Hall ( 69 Dongwang-no, Ildo 2-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do)

April 6 (Sat)

09:00-16:00 Peace trip, 4.3 historic sites in the eastern part of the Island

16:00-18:00 Peace Culture Festival, Gangjeong Village Community Hall yard


Peace Week Joint Campaign

Let’s see together! Nationwide campaign to see the movies of ‘Jiseul,’ and ‘Jeju Prayer(Binyeom)’

Raising a peace beacon fire. Online Joint action


Guide on the April 6 peace trip

Leaving the Shinsan Park (4.3 Haewonbangsatap: 4.3 tower for relieving one’s chagrin and dispelling evil)

Keungot Geomheulgool (About 3 meter ddep cave. It is guessed to have been a meeting place by the 4.3 armed guerrila. It is told that the Jeju City set up wire fence around it, considering it as a detesting place

Darangshi Cave (a famous 4.3, 1948 massacre site in which 11 dead bodies were discovered only in 1992 but condemned by the government)

Darangsh Oreom (a small hill impressive for both of views and history for the Darangshi village that existed underneath but extincted following the 4.3 )


Shinheung-ri Camellia Hill

Sokryeongii Cave (Abandoned grave yard of the dead bodies of 4.3 armed guerrillas)



Guided by Koh Jeryang, former representative of the Jeju Ecology Tour

Koh Kyung-Ha, Education director of the Jeju People’s Rights Solidarity


_There will be a peace culture festival after the peace trip

_Participation fee: Adult, 10,000 won( Under 20 yrs old, it is free/ bus and lunch are provided)

_Closing of Peace trip participants’ list: April 3rd

( Contact Jeju Solidarity for Participatory Self-Government & Environmental Preservation



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