The official English poster for the 2014 Grand March for Life and Peace

The official English poster for the 2014 Grand March for Life and Peace


The time for the annual Gangjeong Grand March for Life and Peace is almost here! From July 29 to August 2, Gangjeong friends and supporters will march across Jeju from Jeju City to Gangjeong. Then in Gangjeong there will be a festival and celebration.

The Grand March is one of the highlights of the year here in Gangjeong. Watch a video from the 2013 Grand March or the human chain around Gureombi following the march. And here are some pictures from the 2012 Grand March.

Join us! Internationals are welcome! See the poster above for details and contact us at & for info! It will be very helpful if you inform your participation to us through email in advance for the logistics purpose though your participation fee can be paid in the march site.  


For the international friends who can physically join the march: For more concrete guide, please see the below. Any peace flags and talents that you may bring and share with the marchers would surely encourage the villagers and activists here. Thanks for joining us in march!

For the international friends who cannot physically join the march:  Even though you may not be able to physically join the 2014 Gangjeong Grand March for Life and Peace, you may join us by sending us international solidarity messages(up to 100 words)/photos/videos through by no later than July 23.  As in 2012 and 2013, the village international team thankfully receives solidarity messages from the friends in the world upon the 2014 Grand March for Life and Peace  which is followed by the Peace for the Sea International Peace Camp(Aug. 3 to 6), and boosted by other campaigns like writing a letter to Pope campaign . All the messages you send will be publicly shared. Please check the solidarity messages collected in 2012 (Click here) and 2013(Click here) .  We want to let you know how Kang Dong-Kyun, ex-mayor of the Gangjeong village, has much appreciated all your messages, sitting and reading all the translated messages printed in 20 pages, with awe and gratitude, without moving for a while. None of your messages will go in vain. We also want to display some of your messages with translation in the Village Peace Center where many villagers and activists always gather. Thanks for encouraging us.


………………………………. Guide to 2014 March ………………………………. 


1.     Accommodation and meal:

Tent and food are provided during march but you may bring your personal tent and/or sleeping bag(s). Please bring your personal washing tool (tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, towel etc) , You may also bring jacket, umbrella etc.


2.     Brief schedule   July 29 (Tues.):

Please gather across the main gate of the Jeju Island government hall by noon. If you join march in the middle of it, please contact Jungjoo (English,010-8560-3734), Emily (Chinese, 010-6469-9413 ), and  Dongseok(Japanese, 010-9334-0933) for information.


Aug. 1 (Fri.):

There will be a Peace Bus in the Jeju airport at 2 pm. The bus directly goes to the village where there will be events (see the below)   Once arrived in the village around 5 pm, there will be a Great gathering for people’s talk in the Gangjeong soccer field from 8 to 9 pm. Then movie night after it.

(* 6-7 pm: dinner 7-9 pm:  Great gathering for people’s talks (Maningongdonghoe)

9:30 pm ~ : Movie night with Yang Yoon-Mo and Grace)


Aug. 2 (Sat.):

  In the morning, there will be various program such as peace mass and human chain. From 7 pm, there will be a Cultural Event for the Stop of the Jeju Naval Base Project and Citizens’ Prayer for Peace in the Gangjeong Soccer Field.

(* 9-11 am:  Gangjeong village tour

11 am -12 pm:  Life and peace mass

12-1 pm:  Human chain, Peace ribbons

1-2 pm: Lunch

2-6 pm:  Peace prayer tower building, Peace-Protection Totemic Pole building, Writing wishes, peace prayer ceremony, Ieodo-ro Peace Market, Treasure-search (peace book village team), water play in the Gangjeong stream(watermelon party)

6-7 pm dinner

7-9 pm  Cultural Event for the Stop of the Jeju Naval Base Project and for Peace Prayer )  


Aug. 3 (Sun.):

   Breakfast together at 8 am. You may join Seeding Flowers, Wish tower-building. The official events end on Aug. 2.  Therefore Aug. 3 program is optional.  


3.     Schedule in detail  


July 29(Tues.): Jeju Island Government Hall-A small park in the Halla University four way intersection- A Funeral House, Hagwi Agricultural Cooperative(Nonghyup)-Youngmowon-Gosungri Sports Field-Hangpaduri   July 30(Wed.)Hangpaduri-Yusooamri Small Park-Saemangreu Research and Training Institute-Saebyul Oreum(Oreum-climbing. Please notice that there is no bathroom here)

July 31(Thur.)Saebyul Oreum-Dongkwangri Welfare Hall-Seogwang Elementary School-Deoksou Elementary School-Sanbang Mt. Resting Place-Hwasoon Beach  

Aug. 1 (Fri.): Hwasoon Beach-Andeok Valley-A Small Park-Cheonje Fall-International Convention Center-Yakcheon Temple-Gangjeong Soccer Field (Arriving around 5 pm)  


4.      Guide on the Peace Bus (At 2 pm, Aug. 1, Jeju Airport): The bus directly goes to the village to join the events that start 7 pm on the day. If you need to use this bus, Please contact in advance for the reservation of the bus seats! It is mandatory!  


5.  Elementary school students For the elementary school students, participation fee is free but a t-shirt should be purchased at the price of 10,000 KRW. Please contact and   in advance.          


6.   Support for the participation fee For the participants who come from the outside of the Jeju and join more than three nights four days, 20,000 KRW of participation fee will be supported.

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