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At the end of 2013 Gangjeong Grand March for Life and Peace (July 29 to Aug. 4), there is a huge and memorable human chain event for two hours in Gangeong village from noon to 2 pm on Aug. 4!

The human chain is a succession of people’s daily human chain in front of the Jeju naval base construction(destruction) gate after daily Catholic mass and Gangjeong dance in protest to stop the Jeju naval base construction.

Two more prisoners of Dr. Song Kang-Ho and Br. Park Do-Hyun! All four prisoners including Yang Yoon-Mo (the court added him fines of 2 million KRW  on June 25, which means he would spend 39 days more of prison labor. Because of that, he would be released in May, 2014, not April, 2014)  and Kim Young-Jae (the court dismissed people’s appeal for bailing on him on July 8) ! The daily struggle to stop the Jeju naval base project is being continued in Gangjeong.

Peace-loving internationals, even though you may not be able to physically join, please join our human chain in spirit!  HOW?

_ You may hurry to mail us some souvenir such as your t-shirts or whatever that can represent you with your name/ messages put on those. We will put those in our human chain. Please see the photos and videos below.  OR

_You may send us solidarity messages(up to 100 words)/ photos/ videos no later than July 20. Please see last year’s here.


We especially encourage all the peace-loving internationals who have been forcefully deported by ROK government or being threatened to be deported to join us! (To see the status of deported internationals, see here)

All the names will be put at the ending credit of Director Cho Sung-Bong’s documentary, “Gureombi Wind blows.” Dir. Cho plans to take air shot of huge human chain event on the day.

Human Chain on Aug. 4


Noon on Aug. 4, 2013

Jeju naval base main construction gate -naval base project committee building complex gate-Peace Center at the Sageori( four way intersection)-Gangjeong port

People in happy faces are to go ALL to Gangjeong to Join the HUMAN CHAIN to HUG GUREOMBI ROCK!

(translation of poster)


Photo fwd by Choi Hye-Young. people’s daily human chain in front of the Jeju naval base construction(destruction)  gate. Let’s see all in Gangjeong on Aug. 4. All of you can join us in spirit!


Photo by Kim Dong-Won/ Gangjeong is endangered. A peace keeper hung a photo of a villager in his childhood. We dream every life visible and invisible to join our grand human chain event on Aug. 4! For more photos, see here.


Photo by Kim Dong-Won/ Every t-shirt or whatever souvenirs you  mail to us can represent you. The t shirt is owned by a peace keeper who struggles daily. In that way, we want to represent all the prisoners, deported internationals whom we want to be together in our huge human chain event. For more photos, see here.


People’s promotion video: Please join our human chain to stop the Jeju naval base project on Aug. 4!

Video by Peace Nomad (source)


Stop the building of war base!

Boycott Samsung, the most criminal company for the Jeju naval base project!

Stop the oppression on international peace workers!

Free  all the conscientious prisoners in Gangjeng!


As of July 11, 2013

Yang Yoon-Mo (No. 301, 161st day in prison)

Kim Young-Jae (No. 435, 91st day in prison)

Dr. Song Kang-Ho(No. 409, 11th day in prison)

Br. Park Do-Hyun (No. 535, 11th day in prison)

Please write letters to the Jeju Prison, 161 Ora-2 dong, Jeju City, Jeju, the Peace Island, Korea

Choi Hye-Young

Photo by Kim Koon, July 11, 2013

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