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Photo by U-Jin Kang. For more photos, see here and here.


Photo by Save Jeju Now. For more photos, see here and here/ The village women leaders including Jeong Young-Hee, chairwoman of the village women’s committee to stop the naval base, led the march. The Earth Flag was presented by Angie Zelter in 2012. See here.

March 7 Women

Photo by Save Jeju Now/ March 7 Scenes on the 1 year anniversary date commemorated of the blast on the Gureombi Rock…around 12:30 pm. As if reminding March 8, International Women’s Day, the next day, women are courageously dancing despite the police’s forceful circling of them. The people protested to the male policemen who joined the policewomen to push those women.


Welcoming the 105th International Women’s Day on March 8, people in Gangjeong made a small but hilarious event to celebrate women, men, and all the lives.  It was just the next day of the 1 year anniversary of the Gureombi Rock-blasting. The March 8 event that went long about 1 hour started with a masquerade around 12 pm, with some men masked as women. Arriving at the naval base project committee building complex, people made a human chain, took Gangjeong addictive dances and made a performance to deliver the messages of the Gureombi Rock and lives there by putting  small text color papers on the fence, such as “Please let us live,” “We don’t like cement,” “Please let red-feet crabs live etc.” When the police finally arrived to make the trucks enter and exit out of the gates, people told  them, “We celebrate you on the International Women’s Day.’ Some villagers could not stand such forceful and illegal construction and protested to the police. After a storm went, people put the timbers of barricade back in front of the gates. The all day struggle will never end. However, it was such a hilarious day when all the people in Gagjeong celebrated and thanked the International Women’s Day. For reference, In Korea, the International Women’s Day could not be officially celebrated under the Rhee Syngman, Park Chunghee, and Chun Doohwan dictatorship governments. It was only 1985 that it could be, thanks to people’s democracy movements.

Beside the below events, you can see some photos, here and here.


March 8_ A Celebration of International Women’s Day in Gangjeong with a Bizarre but Joyful March

March 8_ International Women’s Day performance, “Messages of the Gureombi Rock”

(Video by  Eunmi Pang)


March 8_The Mix of Tragedy and Comedy

(Video by  Eunmi Pang)