In the  morning of Feb. 8, Paco Booyah got the court decision of probation, meaning postponement of sentence. we are so pleased to inform this and thank a lawyer Paik Shinok. we also congratulate, Silver, his significant other! Paco has been investigated by the police including the coast guard for four cases and the prosecutors have indicted him for […]

Park Seung-Ho who was arrested near the communal restaurant in the village on Sept. 14, 2012 (during the 2012 WCC period) was released on bail on Feb. 5, 2013 after 144 days’ imprisonment.  He had been arrested for the reason that he had not responded to the police call. However, the truth is that he had been targeted by the […]

Conclusion in advance: What the simulation T/F team proved out on Jan. 31 is  the ‘Civilian-Military Complex Port,’ is IMPOSSIBLE. Still They are deceiving themselves, not to mention people by saying, “NO  PROBLEM.’  On Jan. 31, the Office of the Prime Minister and Jeju Island government stated that there is ‘no problem’ in the matter of 150,000 ton cruise port-entry & […]


an introduction to jeju One Island Village’s Struggle for Land, Life and Peace By Anders Riel Müller* | April 19, 2011 In early April I had the chance to visit one of the most beautiful areas in South Korea. Gangjeong Village on the island of Jeju is a small farming and fishing community on the island’s southern coast. Entering the village […]


English and other non-Korean language Media coverage of Gangjeong Village’s anti-base struggle, from 2007-Present (If you know of links that are not here let us know!): 2019 Dec. 19 [Hankyoreh] Scholars, activists worldwide opposed to construction of 2nd airport on Jeju Dec. 19 [Korea Times] 507 international scholars, activists oppose Jeju’s 2nd airport  2018 Oct. 28 [Hankyoreh] An elderly woman’s […]

    [Immediate Release]  Repeal the deportation order against Benjamin Monnet and Angie Zelter! By the Gangjeong Village International Team, March 15, 2012 (Translated by Jooyea Lee. See the Korean statement here.) On March 14th, Jeju District Public Prosecutor’s Office released 13 who had been arrested two days before, but requested an extension for the arrest of Ms. Seri Kim. At around 4:00 p.m., […]

Workers connect 4•3 and Gangjeong

It has been more than a decade that the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions visited the Island for the remembrance of 4•3 every year. It was this year, too.  And it has been years that the organization visited the Gangjeong village to express their support and solidarity to the people there in opposition to the Jeju naval base construction. The […]

Report from UK: Benjamin Monnet’s SOAS Speech

  Report on Benjamin Monnet’ s SOAS speech on March 21 By Andrew, UK Gangjeong solidarity team   This month SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) University of London, hosted Benjamin Monnet to talk about the struggle against the Jeju naval base, sponsored by the ‘Save Jeju Island’ student society. Benj, as he is known to his many friends, […]

Re-post from the War Resistance League   Save Jeju Island Campaign through the Movement Action Plan model 04 Mar 2013 — javier   Jungmin Choi We, the members of World without War, held a Movement Building Workshop in March of last year in collaboration with Andreas Speck from War Resisters’ International. The workshop used the Movement Action Plan (MAP) model […]

崔成希: [如我所寫] 我應該為無法發聲的生物發聲,第二為了我們即將成為戰爭犧牲品的後代子孫。我認為村民們熱愛他們的故鄉,那是他們的家鄉...他們如此愛惜它。 那是關於愛。那是關於無發被說出的愛。那是關於無法發聲的海。那是關於無法大聲說話的生物。那就是我們在說的,我們基本上在說著的... [...]